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AVG LiveKive is a file sharing and backup application
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AVG LiveKive is an application which enables you to synchronize content from your computer in order to share images, music and text files across multiple computers and devices in a secure manner. By using this tool, you will be able to access your sharing archive from any computer and from any location.

The application creates an online backup copy of the files that you share, offering you the opportunity to backup other files on your computer as well. Moreover, you could use this application if you need to recover lost files that you have accidentally deleted from your computer.

By using the “Sync” function, you can organize your files in a methodical manner, helping you keep track of all the files that you have added for sharing. In addition to this, the amount of data that you can add in this library is quite large, allowing you to store a significant number of files without having to constantly remove older files to gain space for the new ones.

The files are shared through share rooms created by you or by other users. In order to protect your shared files, AVG LiveKive allows you to define a room key, which restricts access to unwanted users.

All in all, AVG LiveKive is a reliable file sharing and backup tool designed for users who need to share their files in a secure manner by avoiding exposure to malicious programs.

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